Activities in Casita Huaran

During your stay in Casita Huaran, there are a variety of different activities that you could choose based on your preference. On your own or guided by our staff, you can walk around the village and visit archaeological sites including Inca ruins and colonial ruins and tourist sites using public transportation or taxi (the latter can be arranged by Casita Huarán).

Also, the staff of Casita Huaran can assist you in organizing excursions and activities of your choice for an extra cost depending on the activity.

If you are looking for more special experiences, there are places around that offer pottery workshops, horseback riding, meditations, yoga, bike rides. etc. In these cases, we can help you to connect with these places and arrange activities for you.


01. Guided walk around the village of Huarán

It is a quiet walk along the ancient paths of Hacienda Huarán (Back to the colonial period, the whole village was owned by the Hernandez family) where endemic trees and shrubs predominate. With a member from Casita Huarán, the guests will take a walk around the village, accompanied by the sound of water flowing down the irrigation channels that run through all the chakras. During the walk, the guests will also deepen their knowledge of the area, learning about how locals practice Andean agriculture to grow crops such as maize, potatoes, and vegetables.

Duration: 3 hours
Price : USD 15.00

02. Walk to Arín Falls

The villages of Huarán and Arín are neighboring villages, which were used as agricultural areas for growing maize in ancient times. Huarán, which is directly located in the ravine that cuts the glacier, has a river with abundant water while Arín formerly lacked such an advantage. Therefore, for this reason, our ancestors carved a ditch with a minimal inclination to make water channels that brought water from Huarán to Arín. The water gently flows around the hill Campanayoq and falls in the form of a waterfall decorating the natural scenery of the Sacred Valley. Walking at a higher altitude, the guests could see beautiful and stunning views of the villages and the valley in a better position. The walk is made following the water channels and will be accompanied by a member of Casita Huarán.

Duration: 4 hours
Price: USD 15.00

03. Hike to the high Andean village of Cancha Cancha

The Poblado de Cancha Cancha is a remote place located on top of the Andes, 3900 meters above sea level and 12 km away from the village of Huarán, where there is no access to roads. In Cancha Cancha, there are approximately 50 families who rely on the cultivation and sale of potatoes, the production and sale of wool and textiles as well as the rearing of animals such as alpacas, llamas, and sheep.

It is a very pure and magnificent place, where people live on the resources that exist in the village, since everything else has to be transported on foot, on back, or horseback.

Duration: 8 hours
Price: USD 87.00
Minimum: 2 people

  • Transportation to Saywapata
  • Snacks
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Horse for emergency*
  • Guide
  • Muleteer for the horse

(*) It is not for riding and will be used only for emergencies or for carrying some luggage.

04. Visit to Cancha and its Lagoons

The Village of Cancha Cancha has an area of approximately 40 hectares and is surrounded by soaring and snowy mountains, forming the white peaks of the Andes mountains. Near the lagoons, life explodes and grows.

The guests will walk to reach the village of Cancha Cancha and stay overnight in one of the houses farthest from the village that is close to the lagoons, where they could be a direct part of the life of local communities, a life that is challenging, hard, yet simple and pure. The next day, after a Puna-style breakfast, the walk to the lagoons (***2 of them) begins. After that, the guests will return to the cottage for an early lunch and then set off for Huarán.

Duration: 2 days / 1 night
Price: USD 130.00
Minimum: 2 people

  • Transportation
  • 2 Snacks​
  • 2 Lunches
  • 2 Dinners
  • 1 Breakfast
  • Horse for emergency*
  • Accommodation**
  • Guide
  • Muleteer
  • Sleeping bags and blankets

(*) It is not for riding and will be used only for emergencies or for carrying some luggage.
(**) Accommodation is a space inside the house of the communes in Cancha Cancha. It is very rustic and basic, reflecting the way of life they lead.
***) There are a total of 5 lagoons in the surroundings of Cancha Cancha, which are all explorable for the guests. Visiting 2 lagoons is included in the itinerary. In the case that the guests wish to hike to more lagoons, the distance traveled between them might require more days spent in the village. It is possible to organize it for the extra amount of 150.00 soles per day, per person.

05. Weaving Workshop - MOSQOY

One of the ancestral traditions often practiced in the Andes is the development of textiles. Through the application of natural techniques, the weavers practice traditional spinning, dyeing, and weaving, making the products that are 100% natural. Through textiles, generations of wisdom, history and their own experiences are embodied.

In this workshop, the process of how wool is cut, washed, dyed and eventually turned into a piece of fabric through traditional methods will be demonstrated and shown. In the end, the guests will learn how to weave a piece of fabric on their own. This workshop is carried out by a weaver association in Huarán called Munay Urpi, supported by mosqoy*, an NGO that provides remote communities with the opportunities to support their life with their skills and techniques.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: USD 37.00
Minimum: 2 people

  • All the materials required for the workshop and a vegetarian lunch in Casita Huaran​

(*) for more information:

06. Andean Culinary Experience

This workshop is supported and carried out in Casita Huarán.

The variety of organic Andean products grown in Casita Huarán also give us a variety of dishes. The guests will cook with members from Casita Huarán and experience every step from harvesting products to bringing them to the table

Duration: 3 hours
Price: USD 25.00
Minimum: 2 people

07. Offering to the Earth

Also PAID TO THE EARTH, it is an Andean ceremony that is based on AYNI or reciprocity. It is an offering made for PACHAMAMA or Mother Earth, for life, for the rights we are given to live and for all the things we have received during our time on earth. The ceremony is to connect with the purest of life and all the essentials and to show gratitude for being alive and, at the same time, to recognize the obligation and responsibility that comes with it and what is our contribution to life.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Price: USD 118.00