About Us


Casita Huaran is a small family-style lodge, rustic and natural, surrounded by an organic farm. Here we practice traditional Andean agriculture, openly raise animals to the delight of our visitors, take care of the environment, and dedicate our work to support sustainable and inclusive tourism. At the same time, we wish to include the local community and guests in our learning and work.

We also learned about ancient techniques such as Ayni, which is the basis of community work and means reciprocity.

Visitors who stay here will find themselves nestling within breathtakingly beautiful mountains of the Sacred Valley, really getting close to the local community as well as learning about Andean culture, and enjoying a slower way of life away from cities. 

More about Casita Huaran

In the Sacred Valley of the Incas, in a small farming town called Huarán, in the province of Calca. The town of Huarán is a ravine surrounded by majestic mountains, among which the Huarán River runs, a place with a temperate climate, where nature and tranquility predominate, as well as peaceful country life.

From the farm, we harvest most of the products that we offer to our guests and ourselves. During our work on the farm, we utilize biodegradable products, avoid the use of plastic, take care of the water, and reduce our dependence on industrial products.

Valle Sagrado de los Incas, Calca, Pueblo de Huarán
Location: Km 57, highway Cusco-Pisaq-Urubamba, Whereabouts: Huarán College.

We are located

How to get to Casita Huaran?

From any point in the city of Cusco, you can reach the cottage using public transport or taxi.

Public transport: From your place of stay in Cusco, take a taxi to Puputi Street (La Calle Puputi), which costs from 5 to 8 soles. From there, the buses depart for the Sacred Valley.

Once there, board a bus that has service from Cusco to Urubamba (ticket costs 6.00 soles), and the trip is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. This bus will pass by the towns of Pisaq, Qoya, Lamay, and Calca. After passing by the city of Calca, indicate the driver that you want to get off at the “Paradero Carpa del Escuela Huaran” or “Paradero Verde”.

Once at the Paradero, head to the right and take the unpaved road or the road that goes up the ravine. Pass by the Viva Peru cafe, the Huaran cooperative and then the Awa Lodge. The walking distance is about 800 meters until you reach Casita Huarán. You do not need to turn right or left or cross any bridges. Take the reference of Huaran River, which will always be on your right.

Taxi: You can contact us directly and we will arrange your pick-up from Cusco City or Airport. (Price: 100.00 soles – 30.00 dollars)

Our Pillars


Sustainable Tourism

Consciously making use of resources and reducing our negative impact, avoiding the production of non-biodegradable waste, using local resources without overexploiting them and in this way tourism can be maintained as a good source of income without the need to impoverish or contaminate the natural resources of the area.


Ecological Agriculture

Applying permaculture techniques, which gives us the necessary guidelines for the care of natural resources.


Community Integration

Free training of community members so they can be part of this project and our way of working.


Cultural Center

Involving ourselves as a family in education aimed at students, through the creation of the “Casita Huarán Cultural Center” through which they can see this project as a second home, where they find the support they need in the search for their own empowerment.
With all this we want to reach out and involve people who want to be part of this project and make this place a paradise of hope and dreams.