We tell you a little


Casita Huarán, together with the entire team, dedicates to the sustainable development of the town, to the caring of our environment, to support the education of young students, to bring the community together, and to provide job opportunities to those who want to learn and teach this new way of life, regardless of their level of education. We can achieve all these through the resources we obtain by agriculture and tourism. Not an NGO, we support all the projects with our own resources.

We opt for an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, applying permaculture techniques in our chakra. In the future, we want to expand the use of them in the management of our accommodation as well.

Campaigns for Environmental protection

Annually and according to the possibilities that our resources allow us, we carry out in the village the campaigns of cleanliness, of awareness, of reforestation, putting more focus on young students, since we consider their desire to take the initiative to start changing something in the present to improve the future, THEIR FUTURE

Cultural House

Casita Huarán also acts as a second home for school-aged kids, who in many cases do not have full support for their education. Here we provide what we have--family, home, food and knowledge we can share with them. Together with them, we are a united team, working to achieve the dreams and goals of all of us. Our goal in the near future is to create an official and open space for all the students of the village, where they could participate in workshops that help them further develop their knowledge of humanity--arts, readings, information, awareness and much more.

Collaboration with other partnerships also committed to sustainable development

We are conscious that small projects like ours need a lot of support to continue developing. That is why with mutual help, we can take bigger steps and come fulfill our common goals and dreams.