frequent questions

In this section you will find some of the most common questions regarding the services offered by Casita Huarán

It is the Passenger’s responsibility to be in possession of a valid passport 06 months after the date of travel, otherwise they will not be able to pass migrations.

Visits to the Sacred Valley do not require compulsory vaccinations, but we suggest visiting a doctor before your trip to receive some preventive recommendations such as altitude sickness.

The experience at Casita Huaran is designed for people from 0 years old to 80 years old. It is important to consider that, if there is a certain limitation of mobility or stability when walking, this may not be the best option since our paths are paved and are not completely smooth, also consider accessing the rooms requires climbing stairs.

We hope that our visitors have the opening to know the authentic country life that does not always have all the comforts of the city, but we can assure that this will be a very special human and contact with nature experience.

It is important to be dressed as comfortable as possible: light clothing, long-sleeved polo shirts, jacket or sweater, sun hat, sunscreen, comfortable shoes and a good repellent to prevent mosquito bites.

Cualquier persona que padezca una enfermedad o discapacidad o que se someta a un tratamiento por cualquier afección física o médica debe declarar la verdadera naturaleza de dicha afección al momento de la reserva para poder hacer los arreglos en caso Casita Huaran esté en condiciones de acondicionar su estadía a estas necesidades.

We highly recommend the use of a travel / medical insurance plan, not only for the stay at Casita Huaran, but for your entire trip.

If during your stay at Casita Huaran you become ill or disabled, we will take care of you by obtaining a qualified physician or immediate medical attention. In these cases, additional costs are borne by the individual client, including hospitalization if necessary. In case of accident and / or emergency evacuation necessary, all costs are borne by the individual customer.

Casita Huaran is not responsible for situations of force majeure: this is war, threat of war, riots, civil conflicts, industrial disputes, terrorist activities, natural or disasters, fires or adverse weather conditions, technical or maintenance problems with transportation, changes taxes for cancellation or rescheduling of flights by an airline, alteration of the type of airline or airplane or other similar events beyond our control. We will provide all necessary assistance, as the case may be, considering that any additional expense will be borne directly by the client.

Any grain of sand for our cultural house is more than welcome! The idea is to grow the space where our children and adolescents can further develop their abilities in various fields.

We are happy to accept books suitable for children between 06 and 18 years old, stationery (pencils, pens, notebooks, sheets, markers, colors), cleaning supplies, or a monetary donation to contribute with food or other contemplated activity within this project.

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