To Casita Huaran

Casita Huarán has been part of our family for around 50 years, here we have lived and learned everything we know about country life, such as agriculture and livestock, doing community work. We also learned about ancient techniques such as Ayni, which is the basis of community work and means reciprocity.

For 4 years now, we have focused our work towards a more complete project working with sustainable tourism without neglecting our customs, taking into account the changes that have been taking place around the sacred valley.



Huarán is a small farmers’ village located in the province of Calca, surrounded by the Sacred Valley of the Incas at 2900 meters above sea level, where there are mountains and fields of cultivation. Huarán had been a private territory owned by the Hernandez family until the 80s. The inhabitants of Huarán, mostly farmers, dedicate their work to the production of white maize, vegetables, and fruits. It is a quiet place with a temperate climate, where many Andean traditions, as well as religious festivities, are practiced

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