Our Partners


About 50 years ago, my family settled down in this place. At first, it was a refuge for my whole family, since there were a terrible economic crisis and terrorist expansion in the country. 

Then it became a priority to clear the land to grow our own foods and to not feel so directly attached to the problems that were affecting the country.

In that sense, this place has always been an open home for those who needed support. It was a place of hope and brotherhood.

Now, with a lot of respect for the nature that has given us so much, we offer our space to people from all over the world, with whom we wish to share and teach the most special things about our family and this place.

Our Community

Those of us who work here are from Huarán and have the desire and commitment to bring a lovely experience to our visitors here in Casita Huarán, which, hopefully, brings them the feeling of being home.

Our community is made up of: the people committed to Casita Huarán (guests), our collaborators, our Huarán community and our family.

Our Team